1. Labels, Labels, Labels

Nearly 10 years ago I was first labelled as a Carer, even though it was something I had been doing for most of my life since I was pre-teen.  It was expected in my family that the eldest child looked after the younger child.  Whenever cousins or family friends visited with their children, I was expected to look after them.  That mainly consisted of keeping them entertained and occupied so that they remained quiet. Long before the effects of the contraceptive pill, my parents grew up in an age where households were comprised of many children. All were expected to be seen and not heard. A few decades later it has become acceptable for children to be both seen and heard, but it is the former which is the reason why my family never thought anything of my niece’s placid nature. In fact it became a joy that from birth she never made a fuss.



About 95 Frames per Second

This blog is about my caring journey, looking after family members with high functioning autism / aspergers, multiple sclerosis, getting older, etc. in the midst of trying to function as normal. Hopefully along the way you will find my experiences useful. 95 frames per second is roughly the frame rate life runs at.
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