9. My child’s encounters with the other less well meaning children

I am gradually learning that my niece has a tendency to mislay things, has items taken from her locker at school or encounters classmates who do not return items she kindly lends out.  Money is tight in our family so it hurts when having gone the extra mile to purchase stationary for example, that things disappear as quickly as they are acquired.

In preparation for mock exams I spent a large part of my afternoon at her school collecting books and paperwork that she needed for revision over the weekend.  The reason I did this is that having succumbed to a virus she had the week off  at a crucial time of preparing for mock exams.  Sensory issues can be a factor for children and adults on the autistic spectrum. Trying to get the child to wear a hat, scarf or button up her school jacket is like pulling teeth. So when she complains that these accessories are itching her, I am on a losing streak trying to get her to wear them. However, the consequence is that her immune system can only do so much during the winter months, unless she assists it. Add classmates who bring their bugs to school into the mix and you have the unavoidable.  The additional consequence is that due to being immune suppressed her mother comes off badly.  She had every sort of ‘itis going, which contributed to a relapse of her MS.  I will attempt to highlight this fact to my niece, in order to get her to wear the clothing required to reduce such incidences. Otherwise I will have to source the small companies making clothes from specially impregnated fabrics for children with sensory issues. Children on the autistic spectrum supposedly lack empathy.  I do not think this is the case with my niece, but I do believe that she cannot think laterally enough to encompass what the consequences would be for her mother.

Back at the school it became apparent that the books and paperwork my niece believed were in her locker, were not.  I have now decided that no matter how gaudy it looks, all of her text books, paperwork and stationary, will have her name emblazoned across them in thick black ink pen.  Should she mislay it or should any boy or girl wish to help themselves to her things from her unlocked locker, they will have to account as to why her name is on their things.  I thought the clue was in the name, but none of the school lockers have locks on them!  Children like my niece, do not understand that they are being taken advantage of or what it means, as well as other children not being careful with her things. Therefore she is more likely to be open to abuse and exploitation.


About 95 Frames per Second

This blog is about my caring journey, looking after family members with high functioning autism / aspergers, multiple sclerosis, getting older, etc. in the midst of trying to function as normal. Hopefully along the way you will find my experiences useful. 95 frames per second is roughly the frame rate life runs at.
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