11. Can you spell ‘Investigation?’

While food shopping recently, I came across a two year old girl who was about to turn three, talking to her mother.  She caught my attention because just like my niece when she was that age, this little girl was using words bigger than she was.  In my niece’s case she would challenge adults to spell them.

I am presently working my way through Tony Attwood’s book ‘The Complete Guide to Asperger’s syndrome’.  To date I have read small booklets on autism with tiny references to high functioning autism or Asperger’s. However, I felt compelled to purchase one of his books in the hope that it might give me a greater insight into my niece’s condition. Interestingly I even saw myself on some of the pages. As Attwood points out, one of the traits of Asperger’s in a child under five is the use of elaborate words. For any parent/carer in charge of such a child, the obvious belief is that they have produced a bright child or a genius.  They might have, but how are they to know that such behaviour might not just be out of the ordinary, but high functioning autism?


About 95 Frames per Second

This blog is about my caring journey, looking after family members with high functioning autism / aspergers, multiple sclerosis, getting older, etc. in the midst of trying to function as normal. Hopefully along the way you will find my experiences useful. 95 frames per second is roughly the frame rate life runs at.
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